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A Comprehensive Review Alternative Press Magazine

Alternative Press Magazine, commonly called AP, is a cornerstone in music and culture publications. Launched in 1985 by Mike Shea in Cleveland, this magazine has become a vital resource for fans of alternative genres, mainly rock, punk, and hip-hop. It serves as a beacon for those seeking news, interviews, and reviews outside the mainstream music scene.

Music Coverage

AP’s primary focus is music, and it excels in offering in-depth band interviews, news, and reviews. AP provides comprehensive coverage that keeps fans informed and engaged, whether established acts or emerging artists. The magazine is renowned for its ability to spotlight upcoming talent, often giving artists their first significant exposure.

Cultural Insights

Beyond music, Alternative Press delves into various cultural aspects that resonate with its audience. Articles on fashion, movies, gaming, and social issues within the alternative scene provide a holistic view of the subcultures it represents. This broad scope ensures that readers get a well-rounded perspective on the lifestyle and interests that accompany their musical preferences.

Historical Background

Alternative Press has a rich history that reflects its evolution and adaptability. Initially, it was heavily focused on the underground and punk rock scenes. However, as musical tastes and cultural trends evolved, so did AP. Today, it encompasses a broader range of alternative music and culture, making it relevant to a wider audience.

Relocation to Los Angeles

In 2022, Alternative Press moved its headquarters from Cleveland to Los Angeles, California. This relocation signifies its commitment to staying at the heart of the entertainment industry, where it can continue to grow and influence the alternative music scene. The move also positions AP closer to many artists and events, enhancing its ability to cover and participate in key industry happenings.

Digital Presence

While AP continues to publish a physical magazine, its presence has become predominantly web-based. The official website, altpress, is the central hub for all content. This digital shift allows for more frequent updates, exclusive online content, and a stronger connection with its audience through social media channels.

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Social Media Engagement

Alternative Press maintains an active and robust presence on various social media platforms. These channels share news, updates, and exclusive content, ensuring fans are always in the loop. The interactive nature of social media also allows AP to engage directly with its readers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

Visual Appeal

One of Alternative Press’s hallmarks is its edgy and visually driven content. The magazine is known for its striking cover art and photography, often featuring famous and upcoming artists within the alternative scene. This eye-catching visual appeal reinforces the magazine’s connection to its artistic and creative audience.

Exclusive Interviews

AP’s content includes a staple of interviews with artists. These interviews provide deep insights into musicians’ thoughts, inspirations, and lives. They also offer fans a personal connection to their favorite artists, making the magazine a trusted source for exclusive and intimate content.

Event Organization

Alternative Press is not just a publication; it’s a brand that actively participates in the music community. It organizes events such as tours and award shows, which celebrate the achievements and contributions of artists within the alternative scene. These events further solidify AP’s role as a critical player in the industry.

Impact on Alternative Music

The influence of Alternative Press on the alternative music scene cannot be overstated. By consistently highlighting new talent and providing a platform for underrepresented artists, AP has played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of alternative music. Its commitment to diversity and inclusion has helped bring a variety of voices and styles to the forefront.

Subscription and Readership

Despite the digital shift, AP still offers a physical magazine subscription. This quarterly publication is a collector’s item for many fans, featuring exclusive content and high-quality design. The loyal readership of AP appreciates the tangible connection that a physical magazine provides, even in an increasingly digital world.

Contribution to Music Journalism

Alternative Press has also made significant contributions to the field of music journalism. Its in-depth articles and thoughtful commentary set a high standard for other publications. The magazine’s commitment to journalistic integrity and quality has earned it a respected place in the industry.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

In recent years, AP has made efforts to become more eco-friendly. From using sustainable materials in their physical publications to promoting digital subscriptions, the magazine is conscious of its environmental impact. These initiatives resonate with an audience that often values sustainability and ethical practices.

The Future of Alternative Press

Looking ahead, Alternative Press shows no signs of slowing down. Its adaptability and commitment to its core values ensure it will remain a relevant and influential voice in the alternative music scene. The magazine’s ability to evolve with changing times while staying true to its roots is a testament to its enduring appeal.

Reader Engagement

AP strongly emphasizes reader engagement. The magazine keeps its audience actively involved through contests, fan polls, and interactive content. This engagement strengthens the bond between the magazine and its readers and provides valuable feedback that helps shape future content.

Contributions from Artists

Artists often contribute to Alternative Press through guest columns, curated playlists, or behind-the-scenes insights. These contributions provide a unique perspective and deepen the connection between the magazine, the artists, and the fans.

Community Building

Alternative Press has built a vibrant community of readers and fans who share a passion for alternative music and culture. This community is fostered through online forums, social media groups, and events, creating a space where like-minded individuals can connect and share their interests.

Recognition and Awards

The magazine’s dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Alternative Press has received numerous awards and accolades, recognizing its contributions to music journalism and its influence on the alternative music scene. These honors reflect the magazine’s commitment to quality and innovation.


Alternative Press Magazine is a pillar of the alternative music and culture landscape. From its beginnings in Cleveland to its current presence in Los Angeles, AP has continuously evolved to meet the needs of its audience. AP remains an essential resource for fans and a respected voice in the industry through its comprehensive coverage, engaging content, and commitment to the alternative scene. Whether you’re a long-time reader or new to the magazine, Alternative Press offers a unique and valuable perspective on alternative music and culture.

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