How Long Does It Take to Become a Lifeguard?

Becoming a lifeguard is a rewarding career decision. It involves training and certification to ensure safety. The time it takes to become a lifeguard can shift. Here, we’ll separate the means and timeline for becoming a lifeguard.

 Prerequisites for Lifeguard Training

Before starting a lifeguard training, there are a few prerequisites. You should be something like 15 years old. You should likewise breeze through a swimming assessment. This test for the most part involves swimming a certain distance, treading water, and retrieving a lowered item. These skills are necessary for lifeguarding.

 Duration of Lifeguard training courses

Lifeguard training courses are intended to outfit you with the necessary skills. These courses ordinarily last around 25 to 30 hours. They can be finished in up to 14 days if done intensively. A few courses might fan out north of a couple of ends of the week. It relies upon the supplier and your timetable. The training covers different angles, including water rescues, CPR, and first aid.

 Lifeguard training online Choices

As of late, lifeguard training online has become accessible. This choice can be more flexible. The online piece of the training covers hypothetical information. You can finish this at your own speed. However, viable skills actually should be mastered in person. This hybrid methodology can abbreviate the general time required. You could invest less energy in physical classes.

 In-Person Training and Skills Practice

Commonsense skills are a significant piece of lifeguard training. You will invest energy in the water practicing rescues. You will likewise practice using rescue hardware. Moreover, you will figure out how to do mouth to mouth and first aid. These skills require involved practice. In-person training meetings are essential. They ensure you can perform rescues securely and really.

 Certification Exam

Subsequent to completing the lifeguard training course, you should breeze through a certification exam. This exam tests your insight and down to earth skills. It as a rule includes a composed test and a viable test. The down to earth test will survey your capacity to perform rescues, CPR, and first aid. Passing this exam is necessary to become a certified lifeguard.

 Recertification Prerequisites

Lifeguard certification isn’t long-lasting. You really want to occasionally restore it. This ensures you keep awake to-date with the most recent procedures and skills. The recertification interaction is typically more limited. It can require a couple of hours to a day. Keeping your certification current is significant for your career.

 Gaining Experience

Once certified, you can begin working as a lifeguard. Experience is significant in this field. The more you work, the more certain you become. Hands on experience assists you with handling genuine circumstances. It additionally further develops your problem-solving skills.

 High level Lifeguarding training

There are opportunities for cutting edge training. This can include training in water parks, waterfronts, or becoming a lifeguard instructor. High level courses can add a couple of additional weeks to your training. They are worth the effort if you have any desire to practice. These courses give more top to bottom information and skills.

 Lifeguard training online and Blended Learning

Blended learning combines online and in-person training. It is a flexible choice. You complete hypothetical parts online. Reasonable skills are acquired in person. This strategy can be more advantageous. It can diminish the time spent in physical classes. 

However, the nature of training is maintained. You actually get involved practice and certifiable experience.

 Time Commitment and Scheduling

The total time to become a lifeguard can shift. It relies upon your timetable and the course design. If you pick an intensive course, you may be prepared in about fourteen days. If you go for a more fanned out plan, it could require a month. Lifeguard training online choices can likewise influence the timeline. The adaptability they proposition can assist you with balancing different commitments.

 Significance of Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard training is vital. It sets you up for emergencies. It teaches you how to save lives. The skills you master are indispensable. You should be prepared to act quickly and effectively. Legitimate training ensures you can handle what is going on.


Becoming a lifeguard involves training and certification. The time it takes can fluctuate in light of different elements. A lifeguard training course commonly endures 25 to 30 hours. Lifeguard training online choices can offer greater adaptability. Viable skills need in-person practice. In the wake of training, you should finish a certification exam. Recertification is necessary to remain current. Experience and high level training can additionally upgrade your skills.

Choosing the right training program is essential. The American Lifeguard Affiliation offers thorough courses. They ensure you are well-ready for a lifeguarding career. With devotion and the right training, you can become a skilled lifeguard prepared to save lives.

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